Paroles peintes. Books from the collection of Mark Bashmakov

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Paroles peintes. Books from the collection of Mark Bashmakov" second Hermitage exhibition to feature items from the collection of Mark Ivanovich Bashmakov, an academician of the Russian Academy of Education. At the same time it is the second exhibition devoted to the history of the artist’s book, or livre d’artiste, as a distinct artistic phenomenon. The French expression paroles peintes (literally - "scenic words") describes the close relationship of verbal and visual creativity. The livre d’artiste is not simply an illustrated book. It is an expensive rare publication aimed at the connoisseur bibliophile, the work of an artist (painter, sculptor or graphic artist) and not a professional illustrator. Such books are pieces of “high” art belonging to the realm of inspired creativity. Mark Bashmakov’s collection, one of the largest in Russia, numbers around 500 books and includes works by all the leading 20th-century exponents. The catalogue focuses on the problems of this artistic phenomenon and the main features of its evolution in the post-war era.

  • Auteur: Balan M., Bashmakov M.
  • Titre: Paroles peintes. Книги из собрания Марка Башмакова
  • Titre (traduction anglaise): Paroles peintes. Books from the collection of Mark Bashmakov
  • Langue: Russe
  • Editeur: Hermitage
  • Lieu de parution: St. Petersbourg
  • Année de publication: 2015
  • ISBN: 978-5-93572-597-6
  • Taille: 22,5х30,5 сm
  • Pages: 400
  • Couverture: Relié
  • Illustrations: couleur
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