Furniture of Heinrich Gambs

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Henrich Gambs (1765-1831), a famous master of the first half of the XIX th century, German by birth, was a trendsetter in furniture industry of St. Peterburg and became a brilliant exponent of various style currents of his time. In 1795 Heinrich Gambs opened a furniture workshop in St. Petersburg, in 1810 he received the title of court mechanic. In 1828 his elder son Peter (1802-1871) became the co-owner of the firm, and in 1830 the younger one, Ernst (1805-1849), joined them.

With the publication of a collection of Gambs furniture begins the acquaintance with a unique and little-known collection of furniture of the State Historical Museum, which is always able to surprise by its main feature – there is everything in the Historical Museum…and even Gambs furniture. 

  • Auteur: Ugleva N.V.
  • Titre: Гамбсова мебель в собрании Исторического музея
  • Titre (traduction anglaise): Furniture of Heinrich Gambs
  • Langue: русский
  • Editeur: The State Historical museum
  • Lieu de parution: Москва
  • Année de publication: 2016
  • ISBN: 978-5-89076-288-7
  • Taille: 22,5х27 сm
  • Pages: 164
  • Couverture: твердый переплет
  • Illustrations: цв. илл.