The Joined Eagles and Lions: Heraldic Art in Books

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This splendidly illustrated book published by the State Hermitage introduces the reader into the world of enigmatic heraldic symbols, inviting to guess the meaning of book-plates, emblems, stamps and coats-of-arms. The catalogue is devoted to the heraldic art born in the 12th century in the fields of battles and to its reflection in the history of decorating books with coats-of-arms and other heraldic motifs.
The catalogue will attract both experts and collectors, everyone who is eager to grasp the secret of symbols.

  • Title: "Орлы и львы соединились...". Геральдическое художество в книге. Каталог выставки
  • Title (English translation): The Joined Eagles and Lions: Heraldic Art in Books
  • Language: Russian
  • Publisher: Hermitage
  • Place of Publication: St. Petersburg
  • Year of Publication: 2006
  • ISBN: 5-93572-262-3
  • Size: 22х28 сm
  • Pages: 240
  • Cover: hardcover
  • Illustrations: 161 color ill.
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